Monday, November 2, 2009

Snowflake and Kitty Cat

Hailee and Mia outside my parent's house before the big trick or treat adventure.
Hailee and some school friends at the school Halloween Party.

In August, Hailee came to me and said, "Mom, I would like to be a snowflake for Halloween". Um, okay. So began my search of how to make my daughter to become a snowflake. I took a dance costume she used a couple of years ago and sewed some fuzzy, white trim to the bottom of it. Then knowing how cold Halloween can be in Spokane I decided to add warmth to it by throwing on her Cinderella cape. I glued a snowflake over the top of Cinderella's head to make it snowflake worthy. We added a homemade snowflake wand and an ice crystal crown. There you go, a snowflake or snow princess. Mia on the other hand was easy, Kitty Cat costume from Old Navy. Piece of cake! It was another fun year of trick or treating.

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