Monday, August 8, 2011


Birthday Princess!
Mia Lynn holding Hannah Lynn!

I can't believe my youngest baby is five! She is growing into a wonderful young lady. She is a little spit-fire, full of energy, humor and love! I can't believe that she will be in Kindergarten in a month. Where does the time go? It seems just like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital! She was blessed with wonderful birthday celebration this year attended by her wonderful friends and family. The best gift of all came from the birth of her new baby cousin. All along she has been saying that she would share her birthday with Hannah. Little did we know that would actually happen. I find it quite fitting, they are my mom's name sakes and now they are exactly five years apart. Someone told Mia how Hannah was a wonderful birthday present for her and her response was, "Yes, but I don't get to bring her home and that makes me really sad." She is excited to be a "big sister" to Hannah and teach her all the things that Hailee has taught her.

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Sarah said...

She looks so big. Happy Birthday Mia.