Saturday, September 6, 2008


As we come to a close of our first month in Texas our free temporary housing is also ending. Which means we have been frantically looking for a place to live. We had to decide if we wanted to live in an apartment or lease a house. We came to the conclusion that leasing a house is about the same amount as an apartment would be once you add in a storage unit to store all of our extra furniture. So, we began looking at houses. You can definitely get more for your money down here! We found an empty house that we liked a lot and the owners are willing to lease to us until our house sells. The ironic part is that the owners relocated to Lake Oswego.

The changes are that I have decided to get a job to help with out while we are making two house payments. I found a position at a nice Child Development Center as the 3 year old teacher. Mia is able to come with me while Hailee is at school. I started on Tuesday and by Thursday Mia already had her first cold. I guess we need to build up her immunity a little. She is having a blast! She has been a little lonely since Hailee started and is excited to be going to "Mia's School". She had been painting, singing, dancing and playing lots! On our way home she is so excited to tell me all about her day! Hopefully we won't have too many more sicknesses. Wishful thinking!


Jennifer said...

Hope that cold goes away soon! We've got them here too!!!! It seems like everyone does right now!

Sarah said...

Send pictures of the new house as soon as you can. When is Jim coming home?