Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"I had an EXCELLENT Day!"

With a little nervousness, a tiny bit of fear and a lot of prayers, Hailee started her new school today. Both of us were put to ease the minute we walked into the school. Her teacher was there to show us around and every child in her class came up and introduced themselves to her. Some of the other kids even made her cards and little gifts. So many prayers have been answered with this school. She is in such a nurturing environment with wonderful people surrounding her! She walked out today and before I even had a chance to say hi she said, "I had an excellent day!" Praise the Lord!


Kelly said...

I am so happy for Hailee!! I know how nervous you were. So glad we could get together while you were here and hope things go well for you in Spokane. So nice that you are closer!

Sarah said...

Yeah. I am so glad. What a praise.

Amanda Sue said...

Thank you for posting! I've been thinking about you a lot and would love to hear more... Glad Hailee is enjoying her new school.

Sally said...

LOVE THAT! You do needed a good day! :)