Sunday, April 4, 2010

Letter To Mimi

Hailee's letter to Mimi. "Roses are Red, Flowers are Blue, Candy is sweet and so are you. I love you Mimi and always will". (That's a picture of Hailee and Mimi holding hands.)
Hailee and Mia preparing to release the balloons.
Up, up and away.
The little white dot above the house are the balloons.

The last few months have been difficult on everyone in our family. Hailee was very close to my mom and her passing has been especially hard on her. I felt it was important for Hailee to have someone to talk to so I asked her school counselor with speak to her. She meets with Hailee every other week or so. After one of the visits Hailee told me about a book the counselor read to her about a little girl who lost her grandmother and was sad. In the book one of the characters suggested the little girl write a letter, attach it to a balloon and send it to heaven to her grandmother which made the little girl feel better. Hailee came home after reading this story and wondered if she could do that as well. So she wrote the letter, we attached it to balloons and released them. Today was the perfect day to do this. After all Mimi is in heaven spending her eternal life with Jesus and today is Easter, the day we celebrate His rising. I felt my mom with us all day today. When we got into the car to go release the balloons the first song on the radio was, Alan Jackson's "Remember When", the same song that played at her service. The song brings back a whole lot of emotions but I every time I hear it makes me feel that my mom is talking to me, letting me know that she is here. I asked Hailee how she feels now that she sent her letter to Mimi and she said, "I'm happy now mom, I know Mimi is reading my letter and she will always know I love her." Such a sweet girl!!!!


Sarah said...


Thank you for sharing Haliee's precious letter. I am sure it brought a huge smile on your mom's face.

Happy Easter Dear you

shinelight said...

Oh Kristie, you and your girls are so precious. What a special day for you all. xoxoxo

That took a lot of courage from each of you, hug each other lots! Love love love you! xoxo

Sally said...

What a beautiful letter! I'm glad you were able to do this today, Kristie. And the song... wow... I just love how God shows you glimpses of your Mom when you need it the most.