Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fun

Hailee's looking rather grown up on the horse. She was so excited because she can now reach the rings!!!!
Mia has fun going down the Red Wagon slide in Riverfront Park.
Riverfront Park

So cute! I can't believe she is almost 4!
The perfect strawberry!
Mia found one too!
Hailee was a great picker and was ready to make jam!
Mia's strawberry face showed she ate more than she picked!!!
Off to the raspberries.

We had to wait awhile for the berries to be ready here but they were definitely worth the wait! We make tons of jam that will last the year through!

Thought I would post some shots of some of summer fun! There will be lots more to come. . .


Amanda Sue said...

I just can't believe how grown up both girls are looking... What lovely little ladies!

Jennifer said...

What fun! LOVE homemade jam! They are growing up so so fast!