Saturday, November 13, 2010


Eight years ago I was blessed meeting my baby girl for the very first time. From the time our eyes met I knew my life would never be the same. Her eyes have always been the window into her soul. She has always been so inquisitive, intuitive and observant. You can't get much past her! She can read what I'm thinking and feeling by just a quick glance. I love that about her and it reminds me so much of my mom. Those little eyes have experienced so much this year! Probably more than most adults could handle but she has walked through each experience with grace and courage. I'm so proud of the young lady Hailee is becoming. I have been honored to be called her "mommy"! This is something she wrote on the first day of school and I think it sums her up in a nut shell.



Being born near Halloween I knew the day would come that she would want a costume birthday party and this was the year. She loves anything with a peace sign on it so of course she wanted to dress up as a "Peace Out Girl". All the girls that came looked so cute in their costumes! We made caramel apples, decorated headbands, had mummy races and ate edible eyeballs, monster fingers and mummy hot dogs. We topped her birthday off with getting her ears pierced. She was a little nervous and scared but when it was all finished she couldn't stop smiling! It was a good birthday enjoyed by us all!

Peace Out!

The girls at the party. (Where's the birthday girl?)

Mummy Races!
The birthday could not be complete without a peace sign birthday cake!

A few tears were shed but she loves her new earrings!


Kelly said...

Looks like she had a great birthday!! What a great girl! We miss her!

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Hailee! Beautiful blog post!