Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This was taken right before the duck bit Mia because she was trying to feed it. She has now learned to through the food!

After months of waiting for Spring to arrive in the Spokane area we were blessed with a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We took full advantage of all the beautiful weather. On Saturday, we went to my mom and dad's where the girls spent all day playing baseball and soccer outside. Sunday we planted flowers, tomatoes, basil and then headed over to my cousin Terri's house for swimming and a BBQ. On Monday the girls and I headed down to Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. If you ever come this way you must stop at the park. There is a wonderful Carrousel, rides, walking trails, ducks to feed, a giant Radio Flyer Wagon slide, fountains to run through and much more. I got the girls season passes and I'm sure we will take full advantage of them. I have many fond memories of the park when I was a child and I am so happy my girls will have the same. We ended the weekend with a BBQ at my friend Stacy's house with her family. All in all the weekend was busy but filled with lots of fun. I am enjoying all this quality time with my girls, family and friends!

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