Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Grade Already!

It can't believe my little girl is a 1st grader! She had a great first day! I'm so excited where this year will take my wonderful daughter. I am looking forward to all the books she will read to me (and her sister), all the fantastic stories she will write, the creative crafts she will bring home and most of all seeing her love of learning grow day by day. Oh what a year we will have!


Kelly said...

She looks so excited!!! Looks like the start to a great year!!

Aj Schwanz said...

What a doll! Makes me want to have a first day of school. :) Excited to hear about this year's adventures!

smokin said...

Hi Kristie,
So fun to see this picture. I wish I had it together enough to put one of those up on my blog... you've inspired me though, I'm going to figure it out.