Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Preschool We Go

First Day of School!
I love how her backpack is almost as big as her.

Using a "magnet glass".

At circle with all her new friends!

Mia started preschool this week and she was so excited! Especially since she could take her new backpack! Parents attended the first day to help with the adjustment. I think Mia could care less that I was there. She had so much fun exploring and meeting new friends. I love how she is so confident and jumps right in! She is a lot like her sister that way. I hope this is a trait that will stay with both of them for a very long time!


Kelly said...

OMG! How cute is she??? Can't believe she is that old. :)

Sarah said...

I hope that she had a good year.

Sarah said...

a good day....(guess I should go to bed now )