Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Mia gets some help from Aunt Peggy with her house.

Hailee did her whole house all by herself. She had a vision in her mind and had to make sure it was just right.
Mia wanted to be decorated like Rudolph.
Hailee wasn't as excited to be Rudolph as her sister. She especially didn't want her picture taken with her red nose. I don't know when she decided to be concerned about her picture being taken but I'm not so sure I'm ready for it!
Terri and Amy show Hailee how to have fun!
We all join in on the fun.
Hailee was proud of her finished house!

One on my favorite holiday traditions is decorating Gingerbread Houses. I have fond memories doing this with my grandma, my mom and now my girls. In years past I have bought one of those kits and assembled it then let the girls have a go at decorating with me hovering over their shoulder. This year I decided to have a different approach with graham crackers, royal icing and lots of beautiful candy. The girls helped me assemble the houses then I let use their own creative abilities to decorate their own houses. It was so much fun to see their own interpretation of home decorating. Hailee had a color scheme where Mia had a bit more linear in her approach. That really sums up their approach to most things, Hailee is all about matching and coordinating and Mia is more concerned about patterns and structure. I love how their personalities are so different! We had a wonderful morning with our family and I look forward to many more years of continuing this family tradition.

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